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who we are

Aimed at professionals and parents across Europe, Stronger Families is a pioneering new Europe-wide initiative to help parents improve their skills and/or progress to employment. It provides and delivers work/vocational skills through innovative, creative and entrepreneurial blended adult learning programmes.

The project is a partnership and consortium between five long-established single parent support organisations:

Our programmes

Phase one of our partnership (2014-2016) created innovative programmes for one parent families, practitioners and professionals who work with them, delivering a transferable VET skills set: building capacity, employability and opportunities for all one-parent families across Europe.

In phase two (2016-2018) a new project was created in response to the growing European-wide need to integrate lone parents into the job market more effectively, lowering the risk of poverty in lone parent households and allowing this target group to unlock its full potential in contributing to the European workforce in 21st century. Lone parents often experience in-work poverty. The necessity to balance employment with parenting and the covert discrimination they face at the labour market can lead lone parents to seek less qualified, lower paying and precarious employment.

This four-year strategic partnership aims to support lone parents to get into and stay in employment and to engage with family support professionals, employers and HR specialists to achieve this.

The project explored ways to involve parents, professionals and employers more intensively in online learning, and maximise their long-term learning outcomes.

Four programmes have been produced over a four-year period:

  • New Horizons, Personal Development Programme for Parents
  • New Horizons at work: Lone Parent Employees
  • New Horizons Professional Development Programme
  • New Horizons at Work: Employers

These programmes combine experience and best training practices from all partners. We have achieved a wider accessibility of the modules by making them available online.

Meet the Partners

One Family, Ireland

One Family believes in an Ireland where every family is cherished equally and enjoys the social, financial and legal equality to create their own positive futures.

One Parent Families Scotland

One Parent Families Scotland aims to encourage and enable parents across Scotland to make the most of the opportunities available to them so they can flourish as happy, healthy and achieving families.

InterMedia Italy

InterMedia Consulting designs and manages social innovation projects with the objective of promoting children, teens and youth rights and development.

Aperio Czech Republic

Aperio promotes informed choice, personal responsibility and a proactive approach to parenting.

berufundfamilie Germany

berufundfamilie Service GmbH is an independent service provider and the authority on the topic reconciliation of work, family and private life. berufundfamilie is located in Frankfurt, Germany. berufundfamilie successfully supports companies, institutions and universities in the implementation of sustainable family- and life phase-oriented personnel policy and the design of family-friendly research and study conditions.