Appraisals and work – life integration

Organizations that deal effectively with modern market complexities and families’ issues are mainly characterized by three characteristics:

  • they are people – centered: they put their employees and customer at the core of the strategy,
  • they use assessments or other systems of information management,
  • they introduce social innovations and monitor their impact.

A case is Santander Bank: “Santander has introduced an early extension of Shared Parental Leave (SPL) to grandparents, a scheme that is widely believed to be the first of its kind in the UK.

Grandparents will now receive the same benefits as women on maternity leave and partners taking SPL, with 16 weeks of full pay provided Santander is a family-based organization with generations of family members working at the company, making them well placed to implement grandparental SPL.

As with all their flexible working requests, Santander is monitoring how many requests are being made and how line managers are responding. This will enable them to ensure managers are being supported and that requests are being treated consistently.

In the 2015 Global Engagement Survey 82 per cent of people at Santander UK said that ‘their immediate line manager provides flexibility in the team’. They will also promote positive examples of where flexible working is mutually beneficial for the individual and the business”.

(Source: Santander, Finalist 2016, The Centrica Best for Modern Families Award)

The company try to maintain employees’ focus and motivation and involve them in understanding the company’s expectations through agreed objectives, reviewing them and determining possible strategies to correct the gaps. “Appraisals show your employees you care about their problems, aspirations and views. Done well, appraisals boost employees’ confidence and help them focus on their objectives”.
Santander’s appraisal are not only about results and financial goals, but an opportunity to realize employees’ difficulties and ways to solve them.
You can check the instrument they use in this link:

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