New Horizons for Work: Achieving Work-Family Balance for Lone Parents

Final Dissemination and Programme Launch, 20th June 1018, Dublin.

The final dissemination event was hosted by One Family on the morning of 20 June in Europe House followed by a light lunch. The event was to launch New Horizons for Work: Achieving Work-Family Balance for Lone Parents Programmes, which is a project One Family has been leading for the past two years with partners in the Czech Republic, Germany, Scotland and Italy.

This project has developed online programmes for employees as well as employers to support the progression and retention of lone parents in employment and promote work-family balance. This work built upon a previous Erasmus+ project which developed online training for people parenting alone across Europe to help them become work-ready.
The event included an overview of the European and Irish social context for the project. Both programmes were presented to attendees that represent a range of Irish and European stakeholders, which included employers, lone parents, NGOs and government bodies.

  • Valerie Maher (One Family) talked about Irish Social Policy Context & One Family’s Adult Education Programmes.
  • Satwat Rehman (OPFS) talked about European Social Context.
  • Alexandra Di Giuseppe (Intermedia) talked about the background and previous project that these two programmes were built upon.
  • Neda Suhail (One Family), Lee Anthony (OPFS), Linda Pople (OPFS) presented on the Parent’s Programme.
  • Lucie Ryntová (Aperio) and Elena de Graat (Work & Life) presented on the Employer’s programme.
  • Breda Murray (Pilot Participant and proud mum of four) talked about her experience as a lone parent finding her way in the workforce, and forging her career despite the many challenges.
  • Niall Behan (IFPA) and Niamh Gallagher (Drinkaware) talked about the positive impact of hiring more lone parents, and creating a healthier and more diverse workforce.

Topics Discussed

In the context of the ongoing labour activation of lone parents, how can we support lone parents and employers to achieve better work-family balance?
What can employers do to support lone parents in work?
How can we work together to reduce child poverty in one-parent families?

Work Life Balance, Presentations given at the event

You can read all the presentations given by our speakers at the event:

Valerie Maher, One Family, Irish Social Policy Context & One Family’s Adult Education Programmes

Presentation (powerpoint)

Satwat Rehman, One Family Scotland, Single Parents,  

Presentation (powerpoint)

Lucie Ryntová (Aperio) & Elena de Graat (berufundfamilie), New Horizons at Work: Employers


Neda Suhail (Ireland), New Horizons for Work: Achieving Work-Family Balance for Lone Parents

Presentation (powerpoint)

Alexandra Di Giuseppe, Imperio, Partners involved and Introduction

Presentation (powerpoint)


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