Scotland - Introduction: Your first step
Getting started with Blended Learning
Module 1 Introduction
This section will give you an idea of what to expect from this course. Please read though the units of this section to prepare for Part 1, where you will meet in a class setting for the first time. If you have any questions for your facilitator, please write them down and bring them with you to your fist session.
Unit 1 Four Steps to Success (At Home)
Unit 2 Introduction to the Course
Unit 3 Engaging with Ourselves
Unit 4 Ask Questions
Module 2 My Learning Journal and How to Use It
This module covers the “housekeeping” of the course. It will go over all the practical ins and outs of this course.
Unit 1 Organisation
Unit 2 Tasks
Unit 3 Good Attendance
Unit 4 A word to the wise
Unit 5 Ask for Help When You Need It
Unit 6 Try Your Best
Module 3 What is personal and professional development?
This is where we think about what our aims and hopes are for the course. There is also a unit on a suggested course contract and other ways we can engage with this course.
Unit 1 What is Personal & Professional Development?
Unit 2 Why are we here?
Unit 3 So let us begin!
Unit 4 Some thoughts and guidance
Unit 5 How we engage with this course
Unit 6 Our Suggested Course Contract
Module 4 Introduction to Online Learning
Your Online Induction
Unit 1 Let’s get Online!
Unit 2 How do we find the page we want?
Unit 3 How to Cut or Copy a Text or Link?
Unit 4 Online Tools
Unit 5 IT Tips