Scotland - Your Self-Care
Understanding and dealing with stress
Module 1 Introduction to Stress
Introduction to Stress, Understanding Stress, Dealing with Stress and Stress and My Needs.
Unit 1 Introduction to Stress
Unit 2 Breathing as relaxation and stress relief
Unit 3 Breathing Exercise
Unit 4 What is Stress?
Unit 5 Jug of Water Exercise
Unit 6 A Good Strategy
Unit 7 Quiz on Stress
Unit 8 Understanding Stress
Unit 9 How Do You Define Stress? (Group Exercise)
Unit 10 The Four Factors of Stress
Module 2 Understanding Stress
Here we explore `the different elements of stress, what stresses us, what our levels of stress are and how stress can affect us physically and mentally.
Unit 1 Quiz: How stressed am I?
Unit 2 Stressors
Unit 3 How stress affects our bodies
Unit 4 What Does Stress Do To Your Body?
Unit 5 How stress affects our minds
Unit 6 Stress and your Child
Unit 7 What would you do? Case studies of Stressful situations
Unit 8 Resilience in Children (Optional)
Module 3 Stress and Our Needs
Here we explore the connection between stress and our needs, how we can better fulfill our needs, and manage stress levels.
Unit 1 Stress and Our Needs
Unit 2 Visualisation Exercise
Unit 3 Emotions and Stress
Unit 4 10 Tips to Reduce Stress
Unit 5 Ways to Unwind
Unit 6 Exercise: Stress Management Techniques
Unit 7 Healthy vs. Unhealthy Eating
Unit 8 Exercise
Unit 9 Time Management Quiz
Unit 10 Making a Time Table
Unit 11 Time management and stress
Unit 12 Benefits of Good Time Management
Unit 13 Tips for Time Management - which should you do?
Unit 14 Dealing with Stress (Optional)