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Scotland - Your Future
The aim of this programme is to assist us in exploring our different personal attributes to make career choices. We will also be looking at practical ways to approach our career development path.
Module 1 Career Success
Included in this module: What is career Success, my dreams, what are my skills, what do I want from my job, my goals.
Unit 1 Introduction to planning your career
Unit 2 What is career success?
Unit 3 Your dreams
Unit 4 What are My Skills? Quiz
Unit 5 Skills We Already Have - Indicators
Unit 6 Skills We Already Have - Results
Unit 7 My Skills
Unit 8 What Do People Want from Their Jobs?
Unit 9 Your Goals
Unit 10 The Rules of Setting Goals
Unit 11 Rephrase Your Wishes into Goals
Unit 12 What are your goals?
Unit 13 My Goal - Exercise
Module 2 My planning
Goal: to create a career development plan to articulate our SMART goals.
Unit 1 My Planning
Unit 2 Reflect on your past experiences
Unit 3 Set SMART goals
Unit 4 Develop skills and build knowledge
Unit 5 Identify important resources
Unit 6 SMART Goals
Unit 7 SMART Goals - Specific
Unit 8 Smart Goals – Measurable
Unit 9 SMART Goals - Attainable
Unit 10 SMART Goals - Realistic
Unit 11 SMART Goals – Timely
Unit 12 Setting a SMART Goal
Unit 13 Your Action Plan
Unit 14 Planning Template
Unit 15 Using Online Resources – nextsteps.org
Module 3 Your Job Search
Here you will find practical resources and exercises that will help you apply for a job. Now is the time to take the self-knowledge you have been developing throughout the programme, and show future employers how great you are!
Unit 1 My Job Search: The Bricks and Mortar of finding the right job
Unit 2 Job hunting
Unit 3 Finding Job Leads
Unit 4 Suggested Job Lead Sources
Unit 5 Recognising job opportunities
Unit 6 What is a CV?
Unit 7 What are they looking for in your CV?
Unit 8 CV Presentation
Unit 9 CV Content- how to organise information
Unit 10 Information to include
Unit 11 CV Checklist
Unit 12 Personal Profiles
Unit 13 CV Writing
Unit 14 Chronological CV Sample
Unit 15 Functional CV sample
Unit 16 Let’s Write a CV!
Unit 17 Cover letters and personal statements
Unit 18 Tips for Letter writing
Unit 19 Outline for a cover letter: Addresses, date, greeting and title
Unit 20 The Importance of a Cover Letter
Unit 21 Dos and Don’t of Cover Letters
Unit 22 Follow up
Unit 23 Interview Tips
Unit 24 Interview: Role Play
Unit 25 Getting a great job
Unit 26 Work/Life Balance
Unit 27 Good Luck and Take Care
Module 4 Financial planning (Optional)
Creating a budget.
Unit 1 Creating a Budget
Unit 2 Our Beliefs about Money
Unit 3 Money Myths
Unit 4 Personal Budget Spreadsheet

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