Scotland - Your Self-Esteem
Building and maintaining self-esteem
Module 1 Introduction to Self-Esteem
The aim of this programme is introduce you to the foundations and importance of self esteem and personal development.
Unit 1 Introduction to Self-Esteem
Unit 2 What is Self Esteem? - The Six Paths to Healthy Self-Esteem
Unit 3 Path one
Unit 4 Path Two
Unit 5 Path Three
Unit 6 Path Four
Unit 7 Path Five: 5. Expressing your feelings.
Unit 8 Path Six: physical and mental well-being
Unit 9 Healthy Self-Esteem Wheel
Unit 10 Things you would like to achieve
Unit 11 Self-concept, self-esteem and self-ideal
Unit 12 Positive Statements
Unit 13 Needs
Unit 14 Values
Unit 15 Personal Value
Unit 16 My Values and Roles I might enjoy
Module 2 Moving from self-esteem to confidence
In this module, you will explore different ways to access your own self-esteem needs and identify ways to boost your self confidence.
Unit 1 Group discussion on self-esteem and Stress
Unit 2 Group discussion on self-esteem and Stress
Unit 3 Healthy Self Esteem Role-Models
Unit 4 Self-Esteem & Stress
Unit 5 Traits of High Self-Esteem / Low-Esteem
Unit 6 Life is not a Comparative Journey
Unit 7 The Tyranny of the “Shoulds”, "Can'ts" and “Don’ts”
Unit 8 Ways to Boost your Confidence
Unit 9 More Ways to Boost your Confidence
Unit 10 My Diamond
Unit 11 My Beliefs about Myself
Unit 12 More Beliefs about Myself
Unit 13 How I See Myself
Unit 14 Self Assessment Quiz (Optional)
Unit 15 Self-assessment quiz – Results