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Advanced Professional Development, Scotland

Programme for professionals and facilitators working with single parents.

Introduction for the NH course for professionals

Welcome to the New Horizons Professional Development Programme developed by the Stronger Families partnership. This online course aims to equip you with the underpinning knowledge and understanding to work with single parents and support them on their learning journey.
Once you have successfully completed this course, you will be able to deliver the New Horizons course for single parents in your country, closely supported by one to the Stronger Families partners.
You will have access to the online materials for parents and a script to use as well as a Facilitator’s Handbook.

We look forward to working with you

One Parent Families Scotland
One family

Advanced Professional Development Scotland
Learn about theoretical and practical concepts that will make you a successful New Horizons facilitator.
Module 1 Introduction and quizzes
Introduction to the course.
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Quiz Scotland
Unit 3 Learning Journal
Module 2 Stigmatization and self-esteem
Learn about stereotypes, self-esteem and different ways how to increase it.
Unit 1 Overview
Unit 2 How it feels to be a single parent – I.
Unit 3 How it feels to be a single parent – II.
Unit 4 Stigmatization
Unit 5 Can you see it all clearly? Take a quiz!
Unit 6 Can you see it all clearly? Quiz results
Unit 7 Stereotypes
Unit 8 Know it when you see it
Unit 9 What makes us confident?
Unit 10 Self-esteem and agency
Unit 11 Self-efficacy (Albert Bandura)
Unit 12 Locus of control
Unit 13 Learned helplessness (M. Seligman)
Unit 14 Depression
Unit 15 Quiz yourself!
Unit 16 Active listening
Unit 17 Promoting change
Unit 18 Quiz on Stigmatization And self-esteem
Module 3 Stress, resilience and well-being
Learn how stress affects single parents and what you can do to help them change it.
Unit 1 Overview
Unit 2 Stress and its consequences
Unit 3 A day like any other
Unit 4 Stress and single parents
Unit 5 Stress and parenting
Unit 6 Is divorce always stressful?
Unit 7 Recognizing stress
Unit 8 How stress affects your body
Unit 9 How stress affects the way we feel and behave
Unit 10 How to cope with stress?
Unit 11 Coping with stress – what works? Part I
Unit 12 Coping with stress – what works? Part II
Unit 13 Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)
Unit 14 Body Scan Meditation
Unit 15 Reaching out, going out
Unit 16 Time management
Unit 17 Preventing stress – Part I
Unit 18 Preventing stress – Part II
Unit 19 Body matters
Unit 20 Sleep
Unit 21 More resources on stress and coping
Unit 22 Quiz on Stress, Resilience and Well-being
Module 4 Relationships and social support
Learn how you can make social support work for single parents.
Unit 1 Overview
Unit 2 Social support - introduction
Unit 3 What do you (not) know about social support? – Part I
Unit 4 What do you (not) know about social support? – Part II
Unit 5 What we know about social support
Unit 6 We get what we expect
Unit 7 Vicious and virtuous circles of social perception
Unit 8 Social support and stigmatization
Unit 9 Promoting social networks
Unit 10 Feeling secure and safe
Unit 11 Asking for help
Unit 12 Using self-efficacy theory to promote social skills
Unit 13 Examples of good practice
Unit 14 Social support between the ex-partners
Unit 15 Extended family and social support I
Unit 16 Extended family and social support II
Unit 17 Social isolation
Unit 18 Quiz on Relationships and Family Support
Module 5 Ensuring progression and employment
Learn what the common pitfalls on a path to progression are and how to avoid them.
Unit 1 Overview
Unit 2 Discrimination
Unit 3 Recognizing discrimination
Unit 4 Defending against discrimination
Unit 5 Work-life balance
Unit 6 Transferrable skills
Unit 7 Childcare
Unit 8 Financial management and social welfare
Unit 9 Best practice in helping single parents progress
Unit 10 Quiz on Ensuring Progression and Employment

New Horizons, Programs for Parents.

Learn how to develop self-esteem and self-confidence.

Learn how to manage your time and deal with stress.

Get employability skills which will provide you with support and guidance.

Our training courses are delivered in three languages, English, Czech and Italian.

NEW HORIZONS, programs for professionals.

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