Aimed at professionals and parents across Europe, Stronger Families is a pioneering new Europe-wide initiative to help parents improve their skills and/or progress to employment. It provides and delivers work/vocational skills through innovative, creative and entrepreneurial blended adult learning programmes.

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The project is a partnership and consortium between five long-established single parent support organisations:

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Different phases

There were two different phases in our work.

Phase OnePhase Two
Phase one of our partnership (2014-2016) created innovative programmes for one parent families, practitioners and professionals who work with them, delivering a transferable VET skills set: building capacity, employability and opportunities for all one-parent families across Europe.
In phase two (2016-2018) a new project was created in response to the growing European-wide need to integrate lone parents into the job market more effectively, lowering the risk of poverty in lone parent households and allowing this target group to unlock its full potential in contributing to the European workforce in 21st century. Lone parents often experience in-work poverty. The necessity to balance employment with parenting and the covert discrimination they face at the labour market can lead lone parents to seek less qualified, lower paying and precarious employment.

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