The 4P Model

Employers, on the basis of the information and analysis they have (surveys / focus group / internal reports, etc.), could try to propose to the stakeholders management changes or projects to support employees to achieve work – life balance while excelling in producing the expected business results.

It is very important that every project or change be in line with the strategy of the Company. In some cases, we can discover that those initiatives can reinforce the strategy and the objectives of the Company. In these cases, the application of the changes will be faster.

The second issue for the Employer is to understand costs and benefits of the changes or project we want to propose. In order to do that it could be helpful to think of 4 dimensions of the 4P Model of ELIS  and eFM.


Do we have the right culture, the right competences, the right people to go on with this project?
What is the impact on the competencies of the people involved?
Do we need to propose new learning activities?

The existing processes (rewarding, decision making, communication…) can help or obstacle this new initiative?
Do we need to plan and develop new processes or to include other stakeholders in the existing processes?

Are our ICT devices, systems and applications able to support our new initiatives / projects?

Will our project / initiative impact our workplace?
Do we need new solutions for our workplace?


For example, if we think about a remote working project:

We should understand what the national contracts and legislation say about it and understand which target of people:

  • have the right approach to the work: it is necessary to find jobs based more on objectives (marketing,…) rather than small activities (administration, staff,…)
  • have the possibility to work outside the premises of the Company
  • have the right competencies to work from a remote PC at home, with a strong self-management approach

We should understand if having workers from home can change some internal process in terms of authorizations, required signatures, flow of information.

We should understand if all the applications we provided to the employees on their PCs are adequate for on line meeting (skype calls, hang out calls, etc), fast communication (chat, etc)…

We should think of our offices in a different way: having employees working from home means that I can have smaller offices, and for example open spaces with a free assignment of the workstation.

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